Employment Litigation (Workers' Rights)

Mr. Hensler has handled numerous employment law cases. These have ranged from a review of severance agreements, wrongful Discharge cases, Conscientious Employee Protection Act cases ("CEPA"), sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, racial discrimination, cultural discrimination, religious discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, retaliation cases and virtually any and all other areas protected by State and Federal Laws against discrimination. Mr. Hensler can very likely assist you in evaluating any such situation, to determine whether you have a case.

Traffic Tickets/D.W.I./Other Municipal Court Matters

Over the course of his career, Mr. Hensler has represented persons in numerous traffic violations, D.W.I. matters and other Municipal Court matters. These have ranged from simple traffic tickets to more complex harassment, assault, or similar offenses, or to disputes between/and/or among neighbors. Mr. Hensler can assist you with your legal problem!

Often, persons and/or companies are parties to contracts and they suffer damages because of a breach of the contract by the other party. Also, sometimes persons are sued, with an allegation that they have breached a contract. Mr. Hensler can represent persons or businesses on either side of the contract dispute, and has often been involved in Court proceedings involving such matters. He can assist you with your legal problem!